Why Choose us?
Your first and last choice to enjoy the journey in ancient Afghanistan
Join us to bring the best moment with.
Select our tem to arrange your trip Around Afghanistan....
a Letter from CEO

Mr. Saboor Azizi the CEO of Afghan Kishm Logistics & Tours says, I am happily to day come to by the professional Team to serve services for customer and I am extremely proud to it is only company to provide quality services around the Afghanistan like ,
Minicab services, Transportation, armored, and non armored , Toyota vehicle rental , and purchase, so as well as provider of tour packages to the unique and historical places in Afghanistan....
about Afghanistan

Afghanistan a country in southwestern Asia that is situated on a landlocked plateau b/w Iran .pakistan, china, and several countries in central Asia Afghanistan is a rugged place.
Rocky mountains and deserts cover most of land....
Vehicle Rental

Afghan Kishm Logistics & Tours focus to provide services to their customer by using different model of vehicle through out Afghanistan.
We operate transportation, vehicle rental on short term or long term around the clock....

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Why Choose Us?
Your first and last choice to enjoy the journey in ancient Afghanistan
Join us to bring the best moment with .
Select our tem to arrange your tripe Around Afghanistan.

We are providing Traveling services since 2005 inside Afghanistan with great comfort and pleasure During the long Tem period we have loyal customer.

our choice depends on the choice of interested customer so we make traveling
destination of historical and global significance places to our dear customer
inside Afghanistan our company is focusing on best areas of Afghanistan where you
may find excellent sceneries , wildlife researches natural resources with wonder and also green , dry and high mountains.

Our Phenomena:
We provide services to our customer with strategy of complete customer orientation the stay and step moving during the trip depends on psyche and behavior of the customer in order to maintain the level along with native and foreign customers.

The whole programming system of Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours is customer oriented .the customer will feel as a member of company during His/her stay ,like a family member complete cooperation and help is provided.

Main Theme:
You may call to our staff on contact number ,where services are provided with great quality instead of selling bad quality of services like other reseller and travel agencies do .be on confidence, come with trustworthy and enjoy pleasure of qualitative services during your stay.

Become our Customer:
Afghan Kishm Logistics & Tours have long duration of past experience .the company id well know from political ,legal and other issue so their strong contacts throughout Afghanistan and solid reputation for safety and reliability

Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours Kabul Afghanistan
Sheerpor . Road No# 10
House No# 04 Kabul Afghanistan

                       0793 50 70 31
Handy GSM     0793 50 70 32
                       0786 31 70 22

Round the clock minicab services in Kabul city
50 70 30

Website : www.afghankishmlogisticstours.com
Email : info@afghankishmlogisticstours.com
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