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a Letter from CEO

Mr. Saboor Azizi the CEO of Afghan Kishm Logistics & Tours says, I am happily to day come to by the professional Team to serve services for customer and I am extremely proud to it is only company to provide quality services around the Afghanistan like ,
Minicab services, Transportation, armored, and non armored , Toyota vehicle rental , and purchase, so as well as provider of tour packages to the unique and historical places in Afghanistan....
about Afghanistan

Afghanistan a country in southwestern Asia that is situated on a landlocked plateau b/w Iran .pakistan, china, and several countries in central Asia Afghanistan is a rugged place.
Rocky mountains and deserts cover most of land....
Vehicle Rental

Afghan Kishm Logistics & Tours focus to provide services to their customer by using different model of vehicle through out Afghanistan.
We operate transportation, vehicle rental on short term or long term around the clock....

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Travel Guide

I am welcome all of our customer pleas study atentionly the important information about starting point of the contractual among the Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours and it s customer it is important that our customer know and realize those Terms and state as well as all web details .
Terms and conditions of Travel
Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours make in bellow all provide services that is rely satisfied or agreement for the clients.

  • our strategy Picking up our clients at arrival point in Afghanistan International Airport.
  • Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours Transit to accommodation in arrival city.
  • Provision of all transport in Afghanistan after arrival of customers in the country as necessary and / or sensible for a safe journey and as stipulated in the final version of the itinerary laid out prior to the trip.
  • All accommodation and pre-booking of the same, as required for the scheduled itinerary. The accommodation is to be at least of local standard, where possible we will provide higher levels of lodging.
  • Provision of alternative lodging, should unacceptable circumstances be present in the originally arranged point of lodging. “Unacceptable” shall be defined by afghan Kishm logistics tours on the ground in co-operation with the customers but final decision lies with Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours.
  • Provision of qualified drivers which will carry you to the destination during your journey in the country.
  • Reliable standby vehicles services for the full period of the journey (for more information please visit our vehicle section ).
  • Where transport by car is not possible or for good reasons not desirable, appropriate alterative modes of transport will be provided according to Afghan Kishm logistics and tours' sole discretion with regards to safety and availability.
  • Our provision of English-speaking tour guide during the enter journey.
  • Provision of all food and drinks outside of Kabul.

The following are those points which are excluded from our generic agreement and Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours do not take responsibility for nor cover any expenses related to them:

  • Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours charge all extra unscheduled pick-ups from arrival point (we can arrange it at extra costs).
  • Driving to extra destination cities outside the agreed itineraries (we can arranged it at extra costs).
  • Arranging for alterative accommodation despite originally scheduled one being available without compromise of local standards (can be arranged at extra costs).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Afghan Kishm Logistics Tour do not take responsibility for loss of property or life.
  • Costs arising from medical conditions (chronic or not) and their effects.
  • Costs arising from “acts of God” or other unforeseen und uncontrollable circumstances arising during the trip.
  • Visa fees for visas to Afghanistan (can be arranged at extra costs).
  • Air-tickets and related charges to and from Afghanistan (can be arranged; extra costs for tickets apply).
  • Admission fees – as and when applicable.
  • Any extra wishes and / or requirements by customer resulting in additional costs (can be arranged at extra costs, subject availability and circumstances).
Terms of Travel For Tours

Afghan kishm logistics tours recommends you must report any disability requiring special attention to afghan kishm logistics tours at the time the reservation is made. Afghan kishm logistics tours will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers, but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor it is responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers tank you.

Visa and Passport

You must carry a valid passport and have obtained the appropriate visas for Afghanistan (pls seek assistance from Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours if you are not sure). Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas for your holiday. Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours will not take responsibility if you are refused entry into Afghanistan that is belongs to you.


Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours can provide best hotels are cleanliness, comfortable and at the safe area with world norm, in Kabul city accommodations are available from simple hotels to ***3 stars, ****4 stars and *****5 stars hotels which are in world standards and we arrange your accommodations as per your budgets and request. We also arrange accommodation with guesthouses featuring very decent facilities and comforts. Please bear in your mind during your trip to some far destination mean country side, you may not have the same standard accommodations like you have in Kabul city or some ancient develop provinces. In country side Hotels can be sometimes suffer from minor problems and technical difficulties at each hotel we will try to organize the rooming arrangements to suit everyone's requirements.


Shear you contact Afghan Kishm logistics tours via the web form, www.afghankishmlogisticstours.com email, or phone. If for any reason, you fail to receive any reply from afghankishmlogisticstours in regard of your tour status within 24 hours from the time you submitted the request for booking, modifying, or canceling a tour, please contact our dispatching round the clock we serve services in the Kabul city . 0707507030 0789507030 0793507030 , your choice Afghanistan.


Our Main Able:

Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours is licensed tour operator in Afghanistan the company is registered under Afghanistan Tourism Organization- Ministry of Information and Culture of Islamic republic of Afghanistan, the company operates by the team of professional travel consultants at Kabul,
Afghan Kishm Logistics and Tours specialize in providing personal and groups traveling service, Transportation, Translation, Car Rental, Tour package, Commercial Logistics, and round the clack Minicab Service, Airport pickup, Business Assistant in Afghanistan.
We tailor make tours in line with our customers wishes we carry out tours for individuals as well as groups of various sizes.

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